Compassion, Conviction and Determination

Chin Pech has been running its businesses on integrity ever since its establishment, and focusing on constant R&D efforts and innovations to provide customers products and services of high quality. We would like to show our gratitude for your guidance, support and encouragement as they have been the force that drives Chin Pech to maintain steady growth of business along the way…


In an era where everything changes in the speed of light, companies have to run their businesses under the constant bombardment of political, economical and social impacts, as if there were not enough variables in running a business. Therefore, it has become an essential trait for businesses to plan ahead, work hard and stay vigilant. Today as consumers are asking more and more for greater tastes, wider varieties and more personality, Chin Pech has to invest lots of efforts in developing new materials, techniques and products in the attempt to make customers more satisfied with our products and services.

We are always proud to “walk with you in the rain.” That’s why we are constantly pushing ourselves and learning in terms of research and development of windshield wipers and car parts and components, hoping to provide you more comfortable and convenient car products.

As a part of sustainable business growth, we will continue to make the best out of our professional techniques accumulated over the years, test our capabilities in more products such as windshield wipers, filters, horns, chargers and other car parts and develop new products of high quality and added values in order to satisfy the demands of customers and the general market. Production-wise, we will continue to upgrade and automate the production equipment in order to optimize manufacturing processes for better productivity.

It is not about whether we can or cannot. It is about taking the actions. Chin Pech is moving steadily toward this vision with persistence as we are eyeing the world with painstaking discretion. We sincerely look forward to your continuous supports and confidence on us in the attempt to secure an irreplaceable place in the era of constant pursuance for civilization advancement.