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Founded in 1982, Chin Pech has been introducing and developing state-of-the-art automatic production equipment and instruments under the leadership of board director, Mr. Yuan-Chin Ku, and thanks to his forward-looking visions, steady paces and modest but firm attitudes, Chin Pech aims to push the traditional production craftsmanship into the era of revolutionary technical innovations. With the vertical integration system where production and sales are joined as one, Chin Pech has been very effective in providing globally competitive one-stop comprehensive solutions in aftermarket (AM), original equipment manufacturing (OEM), original equipment supply (OES), original design manufacturing (ODM), join design manufacturing (JDSM) and join development manufacturing (JDVM)…


Chin Pech is one of the international companies that are the largest, fastest-growing and most reputed in the windshield wiper OEM business around the world. The HQs are located in Taipei overseeing the production bases, R&D centers, labs, training centers and offices across Taiwan, China and Vietnam. Chin Pech is qualified for IATF16949, TUV certification and a number of international certifications (SMETA, SCS, BSCI, FCCA…), as well as awarded with national 3A flagship business certificate and city-level recognition as a head in the manufacturing of automobile parts and components.

Chin Pech has been working hard in R&D and innovation and centered around a range of core technologies, including quality verification system, appearance and mechanism design, mold/die development, hardware pressing and punching, chemical engineering, rubber / silicon manufacturing process and treatment system, composite material forming, exquisite painting, automation and new product development for automobiles. On top of that, the addition of flexible ERP and MRP systems not only improves substantially the engineering management, quality management, production management and business management systems, but also ensures customers’ satisfaction.

Additionally, Chin Pech is working hard in the IP management, aims to improve the international competitiveness and is dedicated in improving energy efficiency, CO2 reduction, landscape greening and circulation system as part of the social responsibility.